-Suma The Lost Treasure- is the original title of this game inspired by the famous -Zuma-, where you can shoot colored balls to match three or more of the same color and prevent a moving chain from reaching its destination.

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Game Information

-Suma The Lost Treasure- is a flash game that follows the gameplay style popularized by -Zuma-. In this type of puzzle and action game, you control a character or a cannon that shoots colored balls. The main goal is to match three or more balls of the same color by shooting them into a moving chain that follows a spiral or maze path. Gameplay is based on color matching and strategy, with an emphasis on accuracy and speed. The game mechanics involve using the mouse or finger to aim and shoot the colored balls, trying to create groups of identical colors to make them disappear from the line of balls. As the game progresses and you advance through levels, the difficulty increases with the introduction of new obstacles on the path and other challenging elements.

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Zuma YouTube 2
Zuma YouTube 2


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Curiosities About Possible Lost Treasures in the World

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